My Positiv Journey

Positiv focuses on inspiring people to chase their dreams by showing them that success can come to anyone, in spite of adversity.

I'm actual living proof of that philosophy. I'm a graphic designer, but achieving my dream career didn't come easy. I was rejected by more companies than I can count but when I finally got hired, it was a total lightbulb moment. In 2017, I started Positiv on Instagram, a hub of motivational content that has since grown to reach a mind-blowing 30K+ followers, which is pretty awesome.

When I started Positiv, I had zero idea of the impact it would have on people globally. I post relatable content - inspirational quotes and daily affirmations to keep you striving for success and living your best life. Positiv is not about bragging; it's a community created for dream-chasers and fake-it-til-you-make-it kinda folks.

"Positiv has motivated me to create an on-trend clothing line to help you literally dress your way to success."

What you wear has a profound impact on your attitude; if your outfit is pumped with inspiration, you will be too. Simple.

My ultimate goal is to make Positiv a daily lifestyle brand that inspires, motivates, and helps you keep on keepin' on while kicking challenges to the curb. My success was the catalyst for inspiring others; when you nail your goals, take that inspirational vibe and pay it forward!

We’re just a small fashion store but we come to the world just to make it better, bring the fashion and style to everyone